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Email Marketing

We promised to reach, impact and increase subscribers with Email Marketing

We provide Email marketing services to simply reach your large number of customers with more professionalism.

When a company uses email to promote a product or service, it is known as email marketing. As it is a marketing platform in which the corporation connects directly with the customer without the use of any intermediaries.  

The most important fact in email marketing is the low cost method which can be easily used for marketing. This means it is easy to get an excellent return on your investment. By observing how prospects and customers interact with your promotion materials, you can classify them based on their requirements and interests. This enables you to give them details and offers that are most likely to excite their interest. On the other hand, If growing your audience is your major marketing aim, email marketing is not the most suitable strategy since you don’t have the emails yet. 

As there are various types of emails related to email marketing, for instance; Welcome email series, Email newsletters, Email reminders,  Promotional emails and many other types are available to choose.  Don’t worry we got you covered, as we will guide you to choose the most effective strategy for your business. 

We create an effective strategy for your next email marketing campaign.

We establish a set of strategies, with email marketing to achieve predefined organizational goals and eventually increase your revenue by converting leads into customers.

Targeted Content Strategy

We create targeted email marketing campaigns by segmenting your audience and using information that each group is likely to be related to. We help our clients to divide their audience based on their interests and follow the campaigns.

Audience Analysis

We keep monitoring the individuals who visit the website or keep in touch with upcoming sales and events. Also we create personas to uncover buyer behaviours, monitor social media using tools, collect customer feedbacks, analyze competitor websites, analyze CRM are the some of methods we use to analyse our audience.


We use browser cookies to track leads who have visited your platforms but didn't convert it to sales. Email retargeting services help you to reach to your customer with effective strategies, for instance, sending emails with product discounts, upsell to current customers, engage with website visitors, use off-site ad campaigns and we will customize the retargeting strategy based on your requirement.

Tracking Analytics

Our up-to-the-minute tools provide valuable insight into the performance of your targeted email marketing efforts & deployed campaigns. The most constantly reported engagement metrics are open rates, click rates and click-through rates (CTRs), bounce rates, conversion rates & number of unsubscribes. Contingent on your marketing goals, Softwentures can decode the numbers and translate them to valuable applications to better reach your target audiences.

Why struggle to stay connected? We’ve got you covered by customized email marketing strategies.

Among the various digital marketing agencies, we Softwentures happily help our customers with unique creative email marketing contents. As pioneers in the digital marketing industry for the past 06 years we have experts who are highly focused, attention to detail and develop effective email marketing strategies according to the customer requirement. The key to success of our email marketing campaigns is selecting the right target audience at the right time and at the right cost. 

We guarantee our effective services in email marketing that you get the higher chance of converting your website leads to potential customers.